Top Ten tribes


Lets get some feed back from the community and see who everyone is rooting for out the gate.
Heres the top ten


2) Just Plain Crazy

3) eleven

4) USA

5) Gods of Wisdom

6) The Vigilant

7) The Pride

8) V for Victory

9) Loyalty and Honor

10) Ember Wolven

Just wondering who you guys think will fold under pressure first and who will war who first i see the top 3 will probably fight each other soon.


I'll be shocked if JPC doesnt survive the early game. Elite will either blow or bust; Bizmoney might drop this world if it doesnt go his way. Rest of tribes are wildcards. Too soon to tell


Nicely done and thank you for doing that appreciate the effort esp this early on a server. (i do prefer the black background otherwise no complaints)


yeah i just remember this thread always popping up on worlds early on when i played TW1 and well trying to bring some life back to the forum. lets hope the world stays competitive.


JPC is a group of well experienced players, the rest of these tribes have a select number of experienced players, day one of being out of bp and my whole province has been cleared and the two LIT dudes who where in my province both left LIT and one even restarted. And im not even one of our best guys im like average compared to some of our dudes lol


This world is so bad that restarting only takes you 5 provinces away from the core weeks after the world began. Innogames should just sell this game to another company that loves it