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    New Issue Log in issues

    Welcome to the club this has been going on for me for months it’s made my game unplayable. They won’t fix it
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    Configurations Feedback (Kollmitz)

    Anyone else play mobile and game constantly quits when moving random troops?
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    General Discussion (Jaunpils)

    When will they do night bonus for these worlds. That’s pretty interesting.
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    Configurations Feedback (Jaunpils)

    I actually had lot of fun playing this type of world cause I didn’t go for the victory points I went for the cities lol
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    A New Low

    Yeap game sucks bad on my mobile and I enjoy playing it but it’s impossible to play
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    A New Low

    I refuse to buy any coins which I did buy very little just for the resource bonus. But I ain’t spending squat until they fix the game I’ll just be casually logging in and playing
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    Restore Tribes NRU and LST.

    Lol. They aren’t going to give you guys answers. I couldn’t even get them to fix my game
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    Log in issues

    Really sucks when you are farming and growing and then on top of that you have to log in multiple Times just to play like 2 minutes before it kicks you out.
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    Log in issues

    I agree with fun time. My account was unplayable when I got over 50 cities. It constantly kicked me out of my mobile account. I jumped into en server not one issue with my game on my iPhone and iPad Pro.
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    Restore Tribes NRU and LST.

    also fix my game!!! Lol. How the hell does my mobile game on the newest iPhone and newest iPad Pro not work longer than 1 to 2 minutes without freezing.
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    Top 5 Tribe

    Il l be back in the future.
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    Restore Tribes NRU and LST.

    Any idea if they’ve figured out why my mobile game won’t stay logged in longer than a minute without it constantly kicking me off and freezing on me?
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    I Nominate Myself As Moderator

    Dang what I miss? I haven’t been able to log in on mobile for more than a minute. Hope someone fixes that.
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    General Discussion (Heptapyrgion)

    Yeap. Games super glitchy on mobile which is all I play and then it wouldn’t let me log in for longer than 2 minutes. Game needs to be fixed.
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    Top 5 Tribe

    Nice element.